This is a core course for EE and CSE  BTech students. Here is a brief syllabus of the course: Review of basics of digital electronics: Number systems, Boolean algebra, logic gates and circuits, minimization of logic functions. Number representation and arithmetic circuits: Signed and unsigned numbers, binary codes, arithmetic operation of binary numbers-addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Combinational circuit elements: Multiplexers and demultiplexers, decoders and encoders, code converters. Synthesis of combinational logic functions. Cyclic and acyclic logic circuits. Memory elements: latches and flipflops, applications-shift registers, and counters. Sequential circuits and finite state machines: analysis and synthesis. Synchronous and asynchronous sequential circuits. Timing analysis of clocked circuits. Hazards in digital circuits. Transistor level implementation of digital circuit elements: CMOS digital family. Introduction to VHDL and programmable logic devices. Advanced digital system design topics and applications.

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